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Single cell genomics

Smart Strands

Re-purposing studies

Cytotoxic implants

Computer learning

​The cure for cancer will not be a single magic bullet that cures all cancers in all people.

Medicine classifies cancers into broad groups, but the truth is that no two people have cancers that are biologically identical.  

Although they may carry the same name and grade and stage- they are extremely diverse at the molecular level.  

They are in fact as unique in character as the human that carries them.

With this knowledge it makes sense that every patient with cancer should receive an individualized treatment plan based on the unique features of the cancer they are battling.

-We believe that every person with a cancer diagnosis has the potential for cure.

-If we can identify the exact mechanisms that make their cancer unique- we can then find the specific weapons to overcome these mechanisms.

Although it may be convenient to treat all patients the same, if they have a tumor which has the same name- we do not believe this will lead to cure.

Based on these concepts our research work extends into a broad number of fields:

  • Tocagen: a viral treatment for GBM
  • LAANTERN: an observational study of laser tumor ablation
  • Brain Tumor Tissue Bank
  • Methionine PET-CT
  • Brain Tumor Cell culture project
  • Single Cell Genomics
  • Smart Strands: real-time tumor physiology
  • Re-purposing Brain Tumor Culture assays
  • Tumor cytotoxic implants
  • Computer learning: computerized brain tumor recognition