BrainCareBC was developed by Dr. Brian D. Toyota in response to the daunting challenge of brain tumours.  BrainCare BC is a new model of brain tumor management that focuses on strategies that are individualized to the patient.  We avoid dogmatic, 'cook book' approaches to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up- and instead dialogue with the patient to ensure their goals and aspirations are met in the treatment protocol that is developed.  

In essence, when a plan is made we first listen to what the patient desires.

Our research programs cover the entire spectrum of care- including novel anti-tumor drugs, new surgical techniques, innovative imaging modalities, quality of life analysis and life-long personal and family support.
We are commited to research that benefits patients. 

We are accountable to our patients.
We insist that the research is grounded in clinical relevance and can ultimately be transferred to clinical practice.

Our agenda is to allow access to brain tumour expertise

and technology to everyone in British Columbia.